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What is Try Now Buy Later?

What is TNBL? Learn how this innovative approach to online shopping is reshaping the eCommerce landscape.

Think about the last store you wandered into. Let’s say you walked in because you needed a new white v-neck. But on the way in, one of the window displays catches your eye, so you make a stop on your way to the shirts to check out the on-trend denim and decide it’s worth a try-on. You throw a couple sizes over your arm and head to the shirts. Your usual v-neck has been restocked in new colors for the season — you need something to try with the denim, so you grab a couple colors anyway. 

You step into the fitting room. The first pair of denim is a little big, so you slip on the smaller size. Perfect fit! Plus, they look great with the v-neck, so you decide to get the jeans and both tees. A trip for a replacement v-neck turned into a whole outfit purchase!

Now imagine the same scenario, but this time, before walking into the fitting room, the store associate rings you up for your total of $232.48. She mentions that anything you don’t like can be returned at the counter up front! 

Would you try them on? Of course not!

This second scenario is what happens online — we force shoppers to buy before we try. This is why Brands see more shoppers bail while browsing or even with a few items in the cart, and see very few shoppers delighting in a product that is new and unknown.

TryNow offers a simple solution to a complex problem. Shoppers want to try, so we help Brands make that happen. Try Now Buy Later mirrors the in-store shopping experience online: shoppers check out with a $0 cart and enjoy a trial period where they can touch, feel, and try-on at home. When the trial ends, the shopper easily returns the items that didn’t work out and keeps the items that they love. Instead of being forced to pay in the face of uncertainty, they’re charged only after they have found the perfect fit.

Providing a Try Now Buy Later experience for shoppers is daunting without software — it has implications across site experience, inventory planning, accounting and cash management, warehouse operations, fraud prevention, and customer support. Try Now Buy Later software solutions like TryNow provide the technological infrastructure to automate these programs so the experience is seamless for shoppers and simple to implement and manage for Brands.

Try Now Buy Later transforms the shopper experience, and when a Brand takes this step to meet shoppers where they’re at, they unlock transformational growth for their business.

If you’re ready to take the first step towards transformational growth, sign up here for a consultation with our team.

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