Shoppers really love TryNow

Millions of shoppers have tried new things with TryNow. Will you?

It’s like brick and mortar shopping in my home
Diana D., Mississippi
It felt really nice to be able to try on a product before having to commit to it (physically and financially).
Casey C., Oregon
Fit is always tricky for me. But I love the styles and prints. This was like having a store available (in my house!) to try on all the pieces before purchasing.
Amber E., Oregon
I was able to try size and style on my body before paying for it. Easier than ordering, returning and having to wait for a refund if it didn’t work.
Hilary S., Tennessee
I had plenty of time to try the bags but did not feel any guilt about returning the ones that I didn't want. Also it was just very easy to do. Would definitely do it again.
Eliza F., Washington
Plenty of time to try the bags and no guilt about keeping what I loved and returning what I didn't. A perfect experience. The only way I'll shop online moving forward!
Sarah B., New York
Until TryNow I didn't realize what we were missing out on! Ecommerce deprived us of the classic store experience of trying things before buying things.
Anon B., California
Where has this been all my life?! I tried 3 dresses and two pants, kept 2 items, and keep coming back for more. Super simple process.
Renee R., Illinois
A revolutionary way to sell perfume online that's totally changing the future!
Isabel S., California