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Transform Customer Support into a Revenue Driver with Try Now Buy Later

Discover how Try Now Buy Later transforms customer support into a revenue driver.

When we first begin working with Brands, we like to get as close to the shopper as possible. Our first stop is Customer Support. Customer Support teams are on the frontlines of an ecommerce store, and hold valuable insight on shopper’s needs, concerns, and frustrations.

Customer Support teams field questions every day from prospective shoppers. The number one question we hear CS teams receive is, “How do I know what size is right for me?”. If your Customer Support team receives inquiries like this from shoppers, you’re seeing shoppers experience uncertainty and looking to reduce that anxiety before committing to a purchase.

To-date, Customer Support teams have handled these questions as best they can — they share sizing guides, customer reviews, even styling suggestions — but these options are no substitute for the shopper getting to see for themselves.

With Try Now Buy Later, Customer Support teams have a powerful solution to add to their arsenal. Now, when shoppers reach out with questions about size, color, quality, or style, Customer Support can simply say, “If you’re unsure, you can use our Try Now Buy Later program to try both options at home. You can try them at home for 7 days and we’ll only charge you for what you keep. I saw you were interested in the denim as well - would you like to include those in your try-on order?”

Customer Support teams love delighting their customers, and it’s painful when they’re unable to give shoppers the confidence they need to check out. With Try Now Buy Later, these teams can not only solve a potential customer problem, but give them a unique, delightful experience that builds Brand loyalty and keeps them coming back. Now Customer Support isn’t just a cost center, but a revenue driver for Brands.

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