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Convert website visitors into loyal customers with Try Before You Buy

Learn how Try Before You Buy can redefine how shoppers experience your product when shopping online.

The overwhelming majority of website visitors — an incredible 97% of them — do NOT convert during their shopping session. 

While that number may seem exaggerated, the truth is eCommerce has failed the average shopper – forcing them to buy products before making tangible first impressions. It’s the antithesis of a customer-centric experience.

Fortunately, brands are responding with free returns and shipping. But these “perks” are not a “silver bullet.” Today’s shoppers expect these add-ons, rather than view them as benefits. 

So, how can your brand deliver a customer-centric experience that drives incremental revenue and cements shopper loyalty? Simple, let customers try before they buy.

A Try Before You Buy (TBYB) experience puts your customers in the driver's seat, empowering them to experience your products without the added stress and uncertainty that come with traditional eCommerce.

Why Try Before You Buy is key to a customer-centric experience  

Imagine if a brick-and-mortar clothing store would only let you try on clothes in a fitting room after you bought them. If you didn't like how they fit or the sizing was off, you could get a refund, but you'd have to wait a week for it to process.

We guarantee you won't ever shop at that store again. Yet, this is the reality of modern eCommerce; the transaction is backward.  

As a result, whenever a customer makes a purchase sight unseen, they experience anxiety. Did they make the right choice? Will they need to return items? Are returns easy? 

A TBYB program removes that anxiety and replaces it with excitement.

Unlike many other shopping experiences in eCommerce, there’s no monetary commitment to simply try a product. When shoppers see $0.00 due at checkout, their anxiety is instantly relieved. 

A TBYB program shifts the balance of power and trust back to the customer – while also increasing their chances of purchasing and loving your products.

Strategically managing the entry points for your TBYB program further empowers your brand to target multiple customer demographics. This is where solutions like TryNow come into play.

With TryNow, you can selectively add a TBYB option to your checkout process for new customers, giving them an option that helps them make a stress-free purchasing decision. Meanwhile, your loyal customers (who already love your products) aren't overwhelmed by a feature they don't need. 

What does a Try Before You Buy Program with TryNow look like?

TryNow redefines how customers experience your products by giving them a trial period for each purchase and only charging them when they decide to keep the item. Of course, making changes to how customers pay for items can lead to many questions:

  • What is the standard period for a TBYB order?
  • How does this affect returns?
  • When are customers charged for items they try?

So TryNow makes answering those questions simple. Our platform integrates with your online store to keep shoppers informed with messages throughout their trial period.

  • Reminders to return unwanted items
  • Shipping updates for returned products
  • Transaction receipts after purchase

The icing on the cake? Because customers are charged $0.00 when they checkout, returns transform from an experience customers dread to a natural part of their transaction – genuinely bridging the gap between in-store and online shopping.

Ready to deliver a TBYB experience that boosts conversions by 16%?

When trust and convenience are paramount to converting new customers, TryNow is ready to be the game-changing tool your brand needs. We're ready to help your brand deliver a customer-centric experience that ultimately delights shoppers and helps drive incremental revenue. 

Bolster your customer experience today with TBYB from TryNow – sign up for your 45-day free trial.

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