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5 Compelling Web Redesigns to Inspire in the New Year

Get inspired by these five compelling web redesigns and the agencies that brought them to life.

With more new brands than ever entering the ecommerce space, having a beautiful, thoughtful, compelling website has never been more important. 

As with a brick and mortar store, an ecommerce website should be aesthetically pleasing and intuitively navigable, with an overall inviting – and even enticing – feel.

Ideally, it should be a space where shoppers want to spend time, browse, learn, and engage with products and services.

With all of this in mind, we rounded up some of the most compelling dev / design work we saw in the last 12 months. Check out the Brands with an incredible online presence – and the Agencies who brought it to life – below.

Lunya x Sweden Unlimited

Lunya creates superior sleepwear, marrying comfortable and washable fabrics with flattering designs that allow you to relax at home and look great doing it.

Teaming up with the experts at Sweden Unlimited, Lunya was able to deliver an enhanced ecommerce shopper experience. From taxonomy to design, the site is optimized to be easy to navigate for the shopper, without sacrificing brand storytelling.

 We particularly enjoyed the “Good For” section of the navigation, because sometimes you just need a little inspiration.

 Check out Lunya’s site experience for yourself here, and learn more about the Sweden Unlimited team that made it come to life here.

DryBar x Guidance

"No cuts. No color. Just blowouts.” DryBar’s unique hair-blowout-only concept has expanded into a chain of over 150 locations (or “shops”) and more than 100 products. The Drybar collection of products, all named with a bar-themed reference, helps people recreate the blowout shop experience in the comfort of their home.

Teaming up with the experts at Guidance, DryBar’s new site unifies their brand experience across all touchpoints (including an omnichannel blowout booking solution!). The new design is intuitive, cohesive, and radiates the bright and lemony fresh sentiments experienced when entering a Drybar location.

 Customers can now book appointments with a few simple clicks, have the ability to shop for their favorite products with ease, and have the opportunity to get inspired by exploring hair tutorial videos – all on one platform. This foster’s community extends the joy of a good hair day beyond DryBar’s retail locations.

Check out DryBar’s site experience for yourself here, and learn more about the Guidance team that made it come to life here.

TravisMathew x Guidance

(That’s right, work so nice we included them twice!)

TravisMathew is a premier men’s lifestyle brand that creates versatile, everyday apparel that seamlessly transitions from work to play, inspired by the culture and lifestyle of Southern California’s golf, sand, and sun.

The Guidance team helped TravisMathew develop an online aesthetic that mirrored that of their clothing range. The redesign speaks directly to the brand's vision and customer base, mindful of how men in this age category typically shop for clothes. 

TravisMathew customers are looking to discover old favorites fast, and discover new items that can solve a fashion need for a particular occasion. The beautiful Look Books help the shopper purchase entire outfits instead of one-off pieces, while specially designed PDPs allow for both bundle and individual purchasing depending on the shopper’s preference. For those shoppers looking for clothing for a specific occasion, shopping promotions and interactive images with hovering hotspots help the user purchase items worn by the models in lifestyle imagery.

Guidance even incorporated TravisMathew’s sister brand, Cuater (sells shoes and accessories that match the TravisMathew aesthetic, but the two brands remain distinct). On site, the brands are distinguished in a way that still makes it easy for the customer to find the products while maintaining the uniqueness of each. 

TravisMathew’s sister brand, Cuater, sells shoes and accessories that match the TravisMathew aesthetic but the two brands remain distinct with bisected tabs at the very top of the site.

Check out TravisMathew’s site experience for yourself here, and learn more about the Guidance team that made it come to life here.

Cultiver x Overdose

Cultiver’s house & home products are designed to bring beauty and moments of appreciation to your daily rituals, wherever you use them - in bed, at the table, or around the house. The Overdose team has helped Cultiver’s site embody their belief in finding enjoyment in the things we use most frequently. 

 The site features a delightful "build a set" functionality which provides customers with an easy way to purchase & save on configurable sheets & duvet sets – there’s even an option for customers who prefer to go top-sheet-less. 

Not only does the site feel as luxurious (and understated) as the products, advanced filtering & search functionality makes the site extremely navigable, ensuring customers can quickly find the products that best meet their needs. For another way to shop, inspiration meets efficiency in the interactive inspiration gallery that allows customers to engage with multiple products within an image, linking straight through to product pages.

Check out Cultiver’s site experience for yourself here, and learn more about the Guidance team that made it come to life here.

Rowing Blazers x Barrel

Rowing Blazers believes in the classics, but their approach to the classics is anything but stuffy; it’s youthful, inclusive, irreverent - and a little ironic. In their own words, their signature style:

…weaves together an eclectic mix of influences: sport, nostalgia, travel; "prep;” '80s and '90s cultural tropes; Oxbridge style, and Japan's subversive take on "Ivy;" hip-hop culture and the rise of streetwear; tennis, basketball, rugby, skiing; elite and amateur athletics in all forms; the romance of exploration; and symbols, art, and archeology - ancient and modern.

Barrel took on the challenge of capturing the essence of this brand in two dimensions. The result is a (mobile-first) shopping experience that matches the irreverence of the brand. Shopping, storytelling, and exploration are seamlessly woven throughout the entire customer journey; shoppable lookbook pages intelligently mix lifestyle and commerce, and the global navigation allows site visitors to shop by clothing category, brand, or collaboration.

 This is a site that just has to be seen and experienced – it creates a moment for the shopper to step into, a moment that feels equal parts nostalgic and new, classy and unrefined.

Check out Rowing Blazer’s site experience for yourself here, and learn more about the Barrel team that made it come to life here.

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