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4 Ways To Drive Growth With TNBL in Marketing

Discover four effective strategies for driving online growth with TNBL (Try Now, Buy Later) marketing.

Given the chance, shoppers will have an overwhelming response to the opportunity to Try Now and Buy Later. Try Now Buy Later is a powerful marketing message — Brands must make shoppers aware that they have access to this premium experience with their products. The key for Brands is to deploy this messaging in the most impactful channels and to the right audience.  

1. Paid Advertising throughout the Funnel

Try Now Buy Later messaging is extremely powerful in middle and bottom funnel paid social. Shoppers in this stage of the funnel have already expressed interest in a Brand’s product, but something is keeping them from checking out. Where Brands often leverage discounts or other promotions, Try Now Buy Later messaging instills confidence and carries interested shoppers past the point of hesitation to the point of conversion (not to mention, at full price). Ads with TryNow messaging will see increases in ROAS and decreases in CPAs. 

The best TNBL advertisements combine top-performing creative with concise, compelling copy that explains the program and addresses shopper pain points:

TNBL messaging can be an effective prospecting tool, but the message should be different in the top of the funnel as a Brand works to build awareness. Here, the focus should be on Brand, Product, and positioning the premium Try Now Buy Later experience as a component of what elevates your Brand.

 2. Email and SMS Marketing to your Network

Messaging a Try Now Buy Later program can be an opportunity to make your customers feel connected with your Brand. TNBL is also a persuasive retargeting tool, and an effective replacement incentive for situations where you might otherwise have used discounts or installment payment options.

A comprehensive TNBL email and SMS marketing strategy is built using multiple components:

A program launch email from a Founder or CEO announcing the program and connecting it back to your Brand’s mission, vision, and values

  1. Program features prominently in Welcome Flows and Drip Email Campaigns
  2. Existing email and SMS flows for retargeting (abandoned browse, abandoned cart, repurchase) are updated with branches that message TNBL. E.g., “Still not sure about ____? Try it at home for free.”
  3. TryNow-specific flows for product launches, 30/60/90/180 day re-engagement of return customers

Brands can build on these strategies as they evaluate shopper response to the program and learn from experimentation what messaging performs best.

3. Onsite Messaging for your Visitors

Program awareness is a key factor in getting shoppers to try. By the time your shopper has reached the PDP and is ready to start building their cart, the option to Try Now Buy Later should feel familiar and natural. 

The best way to accomplish this is with succinct and clear program messaging on Home Pages, other Landing Pages, and Collections Pages, being especially mindful of where your TNBL ads direct to. Your Global Navigation should include a Try Now Buy Later section where shoppers can read more about the program and  see answers to frequently asked questions.

TryNow provides a library of assets that easily integrate into your site as you incorporate program messaging into your shopper journey.

4. Organic Social and Influencer Partnerships for your Brand Community 

One of the most influential voices that can talk to your shoppers is that of other shoppers. Building excitement and conversation around your Try Now Buy Later program will help drive organic growth and deepen shoppers' sense of community and loyalty. Shoppers trust reviews and influencers, so having an objective party share how simple and easy Try Now Buy Later is instills confidence in shoppers who are new to the concept.

Organic Instagram posts and stories featuring Try give your shoppers a chance to discover and learn more about the program. Partnering with influencers for video content and try-ons personalizes the experience and makes it more approachable.

TryNow can provide content and support to help your team build your Try Now Buy Later presence and strategy on organic social. 

We believe in a data-driven approach to TNBL marketing: we deploy, we measure results, we refine, and we measure again.

Interested in learning more? Sign up here for a consultation with our team.

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