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4 Things Brands Need To Launch Try Now Buy Later

Is your online brand prepared for the Try Now Buy Later experience? Here are the 4 key things you should have.

At TryNow, we believe Try Now Buy Later is the future of ecommerce and that any Brand can leverage TNBL to grow if they meet some key criteria. 

TNBL programs are most successful when it becomes the axis by which all of your marketing revolves around.

 Here’s how you can evaluate whether your Brand is ready for Try Now Buy Later:

  1. You have an amazing product — Brands with low quality products cannot use TNBL to grow. Only Brands that are confident in the quality of their products will see growth with TNBL, because when shoppers get their products in their hands, they love them, and they keep them.
  2. You’re ready to make Try Now Buy Later a core strategy — Brands that want to test TNBL as one of many levers do not reap the full benefits of these programs. TNBL can drive transformative growth for Brands, but it requires commitment from leadership and focus from the team. It’s critical to make TNBL a priority and to mobilize your team to make it happen (with help from your TryNow Growth Strategist).
  3. You’re focused on unit economics and profitable growth — You recognize that buying before trying is impeding your ability to grow. You’re ok with returns going up, as long as the increased revenue you generate more than offsets the cost of returns, which you see as just another cost of acquisition.
  4. You want to transition away from discounts — You recognize that discounts erode your margins and incentivize bad shopper behavior, but you use them begrudgingly because they can help you make sales goals in a competitive marketplace. You’d prefer another tool to get your product into shoppers’ hands.

Unlocking transformational growth requires Brands to try new things. That’s our motto at TryNow, and we love helping Brands — and their shoppers — experience the power and joy of try.

If your Brand is ready for Try Now Buy Later, we’d love to connect — sign up here to schedule a consultation.

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