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"When we started with TryNow, we were the only swimwear company with a Try Before You Buy offering. By helping customers feel comfortable about trying different sizes or styles, TryNow has truly helped set us apart within our industry."

- Alacia Maloy, General Manager at Lime Ricki


Founded in 2007, Lime Ricki is the brainchild of three sisters with a simple mission: Create swimsuits that look good, feel good, and give back to the planet. The digital-first brand’s modest swimwear has made waves on the national stage — via Good Morning America, PopSugar, BuzzFeed, and more — thanks to its elevated customer experience that makes swimsuit shopping a pleasure, not a pain.


Swimsuit shopping can be emotionally (and logistically) challenging

The founders of Lime Ricki created the brand after countless difficult attempts at swimsuit shopping — an experience they know is far too common for women.

Finding your perfect swimsuit that helps you feel comfortable and confident should be exciting. Yet, according to Alacia Maloy, General Manager at Lime Ricki, most consumers associate shopping for swimwear online with the stress of guessing their size.

"We got a lot of feedback about how stressful it was for shoppers to find a good fit. As a result, we also saw our return rate was really high, which matches the trends of the swimwear industry in general."

- Alacia Maloy, General Manager at Lime Ricki

Traditionally, brands are adamant about swimwear policies: They don’t allow returns of tried-on items and only accept exchanges under special circumstances. In response, Lime Ricki hoped to offer a hassle-free, shopper-first experience that would both alleviate pain points and curb return rates.


Since implementing TryNow, the Lime Ricki team has enjoyed two core benefits of our Try Before You Buy (TBYB) solution:

Benefit #1: TryNow eliminates purchase anxiety, getting shoppers excited to order

In the past, Lime Ricki’s online shoppers relied on a combination of the brand’s sizing charts and their own measurements. Now, they can easily rely on TryNow as part of their purchase plan. Unsure which style or size will fit you best?

  1. Order the sizes and colors you’re interested in — no payment required.
  2. Try them on at home to see what feels best.
  3. If you love it, purchase it! If you don’t, send those items back.

It’s that simple. According to Alacia, that simplicity plays into consumer psychology and keeps customers happier and more willing to (re)purchase, which has been the case for Lime Ricki. Because TryNow is offered and explained under every product listing, shoppers get excited about placing orders and are likelier to do so.

"I appreciated the option to try out a few items before my credit card was charged. This was one of the factors in hitting purchase on my order because it felt like a lower risk or a lower commitment. I also appreciated the trial duration. I never felt rushed to make a decision on my order."

– Lime Ricki shopper Deya

Benefit #2: TryNow makes it easy for shoppers to fall in love with Lime Ricki — and become brand loyalists

By building try-ons into the shopper experience, customers can now find their perfect fit at zero upfront cost, which benefits the brand in two ways:

  1. Lime Ricki builds trust in the quality of their products and transparent sales practices.
  2. Without the barrier of cost, it’s easier for customers to try and buy the right product from Lime Ricki, fall in love with the brand, and come back to purchase — again and again.

In fact, Alacia reports that customer reviews regularly highlight how convenient TryNow is and praise the elevated experience of turning your home into a private dressing room.

"Almost every review we get brings up how much customers love the TryNow option and how easily it’s built into our return platform. People love being able to try on swimsuits from the comfort of their home."

- Alacia Maloy, General Manager at Lime Ricki


Lime Ricki’s happier customers boost sales by 14%, leading to a $360k increase in net revenue

Since partnering with TryNow, the Lime Ricki team has experienced boosts in customer acquisition and retention on top of dramatic time savings.

For instance, every Lime Ricki order is still hand-packed in Salt Lake City, Utah. The warehouse team is often hustling to fill orders on time, so every return avoided thanks to TryNow can mean hours back on the brand’s clock.

Beyond the time savings, customers who use TBYB love it: 83% of Lime Ricki’s TBYB shoppers say they would be upset if TryNow wasn’t available.

Here’s a snapshot of some key results so far:

  • 93% customer satisfaction rate
  • 14% net sales increase
  • $360k increase in net revenue
  • 21.3x ROI (after returns)

From here, Alacia and her team at Lime Ricki look forward to even more CX enhancements thanks to TBYB. In short, she tells us TryNow has become an invaluable tool in their acquisition strategy.

"Try Before You Buy alleviates the hesitation and pressure of worrying that something isn’t going to fit right. It gets people to buy when they otherwise wouldn’t have — increasing customer happiness and order volume. It’s been a great fit for the brand and our customers."

- Alacia Maloy, General Manager at Lime Ricki

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