How Kortni Jeane increased net sales by 16% with TryNow


ROI on their TryNow program


of Q1 2023 revenue attributed to TryNow


increase in ad conversion

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"TryNow allows new customers to fall in love with our brand without breaking the bank. For old customers, it doubles down on what they already loved about us."

- Nico Niccoli, COO and Co-Owner of Kortni Jeane


Since 2014, Kortni Jeane has built a reputation as a designer swimwear brand that stands out for eye-catching prints and patterns. With a dedicated focus on inclusivity and individuality, Kortni Jeane takes pride in creating swimsuits that help the whole family — from infants to grandparents — look and feel good.


Purchasing swimwear online can be more risk than reward for shoppers

Swimwear is a very personal type of product – every shopper has different body types, preferences, and confidence levels. (That’s why only 27% of women have tried shopping for a swimsuit online.) This makes it difficult for online-only brands like Kortni Jeane to help customers find the perfect-fitting swimsuit. With a buy before try model, some Korti Jeane shoppers would purchase a swimsuit, not love it, and return it – only to never make another purchase again.

With this in mind, founder and co-owner Kortni Niccoli wanted to offer the opportunity for all customers to see why she started the brand in the first place: to create suits unique to each individual and their personality. By enabling customers to experiment with different styles, patterns, or colors — without feeling pressured to spend money first – Kortni Jeane could stand out from its competitors and positively change how customers shop for swimsuits online.

"Swimsuits can be so tricky to find the right size and with all the styles I just wasn't sure what I would like the best, so it was great to be able to try different options before I committed!"– Kortni Jeane shopper Kaitlyn


Try Before You Buy creates a seamless CX drives incremental sales

Kortni Jeane discovered TryNow’s solution for driving new customers and incremental sales: Try Before You Buy (TBYB). The team easily onboard with TryNow’s new Shopify-native app, cutting out countless hours of development time needed to launch.

Now that Kortni Jeane offers TBYB across all of their full-priced collections, shoppers can order and try up to eight swimsuits — in the colors, patterns, and sizes of their choice — at a time. Even better, they don’t have to pay until after they’ve tried the products on and find a suit they love.

If a shopper has never purchased from the brand before, the ability to “try now” lowers the barrier to taking a chance on something that caught their eye. Once the product is in their hands, they’re free to fall in love with the unique hand-crafted designs that set Kortni Jeane apart from the competition. Potential customers can shop more carefree than ever, which seeds loyalty and trust for future purchases.

"TryNow gives our small brand an incentive that Amazon or a larger brand can't offer. Our customers can try different styles and sizes, completely risk-free. It's a competitive advantage that we didn't have before TryNow."

- Nico Niccoli, COO and Co-Owner of Kortni Jeane


Kortni Jeane boosted ROI by 23.9x since implementing a TryNow offer

Since launching a Try Before You Buy program through TryNow, Kortni Jeane has seen impressive results, including:

  • 23.9x ROI on their TryNow program
  • 16% of Q1 2023 revenue attributed to TryNow
  • 2x increase in ad conversion

Looking ahead, the Kortni Jeane team plans to keep TryNow an integral part of their growth strategy, especially when getting first-time shoppers hooked on their products.

As they prepare for the 2024 spring and summer seasons, Kortni Jeane’s TBYB incentive is poised to continue driving customer acquisitions and incremental revenue – ensuring success in a competitive space.

"TryNow has a huge role in how we perform and how we will continue to grow as a brand and acquire new customers. As far as ad spend and digital marketing, it has become our biggest asset."

- Nico Niccoli, COO and Co-Owner of Kortni Jeane

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