How Elwood’s Try Before You Buy program delivered a 23x ROI


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"I’m so excited that we’re onto TryNow’s tech while it’s on the earlier side of things. We won’t be playing catch up two years from now when everyone’s seen the light and is scrambling to put Try Before You Buy on their websites."

- Jackson Wirht, CEO of Elwood


Founded in 1996, Elwood started as a small skate apparel brand but soon evolved into a leading vintage-inspired streetwear label. Known for their meticulous approach to quality and storied history in LA skate culture, Elwood prides itself on creating wardrobe staples that are as functional as they are fashionable.


Customers expect the convenience of online shopping but want more

As a digitally native apparel brand, Elwood places an emphasis on delivering a best-in-class shopping experience. However, today’s customers view free shipping and easy returns as table stakes — meaning Elwood needed to offer more to gain a competitive advantage.  

Jackson Wirht, CEO of Elwood, sought a solution that would combine the convenience of eCommerce with the self-assuredness of brick and mortar. He specifically wanted a solution that would:

  • Help customers find the right size and fit
  • Drive conversions from first-time site visitors
  • Position Elwood’s shopping experience as a competitive advantage  

When Jackson first discovered TryNow while browsing LinkedIn, he was skeptical about how a Try Before You Buy (TBYB) experience would bolster both sales and ROI given Elwood already offered free shipping and easy returns. Then he saw the results our partners have had and decided it was time to join TryNow’s growing list of customer-centric brands.

"Our website is our business, so we are constantly looking at overall conversions. We’re paying all of this money to get people to the site. Now, we just need to make sure they’re actually going to buy something. TryNow helps us convert."

- Jackson Wirht, CEO of Elwood


Elwood’s shopping experience stands out with Try Before You Buy

Launching a TBYB program with TryNow proved to be the perfect answer to Jackson’s dilemma. He attributes the success of the program to these key benefits of our solution:

Benefit #1: TryNow eliminates shopper concerns about sizing and fit

One of the most prevalent reasons why online shoppers abandon their clothing purchases is the fear of selecting the wrong size. This is especially true for first-time customers who have no prior experience with the brand’s sizing processes.

With a TBYB program, Elwood can let customers try their clothing before swiping their card — ensuring they get the best fit and increasing satisfaction with the brand.

Here’s how Elwood’s TBYB program works:

  1. The shopper orders the sizes and colors they want — at no charge
  2. They try the products at home to see what looks/feels best
  3. If the customer loves the product, they keep it and Elwood charges their card
  4. If they don’t love it, the customer sends it back as a free return

This simple solution to eCommerce’s biggest shortcoming has helped Elwood transform its brand into a customer-centric shopping experience with a competitive advantage.

"I always have trouble buying clothes online. Jeans never fit the same way. I loved that I got to try them on rather than buying them outright. Trying them. Returning them. Ordering a new size and then having it shipped. Having it all in one process while not charging your card until you make a decision is genius and I wish I could shop like this everywhere."

- Elwood Shopper John-Paul

Benefit #2: TryNow makes it easier for Elwood to get more products in more homes

With TryNow, Elwood has also broadened its reach into the wardrobes of customers who weren’t familiar with their products. This is because customers don’t get charged until they know they have the right product, they’re more likely to convert. Shoppers who might have abandoned their purchases without TBYB become loyal Elwood customers.

"We view TryNow as a conversion and LTV play that gives new customers a reason to hit that ‘Try’ button and eventually spend with us over the years."

- Jackson Wirht, CEO of Elwood


With TryNow, Elwood boosted net sales by 16% and hit a 23x ROI

Partnering with TryNow empowered Elwood to cultivate a shopper experience that delights customers and drives incremental revenue.

Here’s a snapshot of the results Elwood has seen since launching its TBYB program:

  • 16% increase in net sales
  • $3M annualized net revenue generated
  • 23x return on investment

Looking forward, Jackson is amped that his business is already deep into using TryNow. He anticipates that all eCommerce brands will be using similar tech a few years down the line — and no one wants to be the company playing catch up.

Beyond that, he emphasizes that TryNow is “a really clean piece of tech” that will very well continue to expand Elwood over the coming years. Given how much TryNow has already lifted their numbers, the Elwood team is excited to see what’s next.

"TryNow is the future! Pretty soon every e-commerce website will offer Try Before You Buy. TryNow is by far the leading solution in this space. We have seen a huge uptick in customer satisfaction and overall conversion rate since adding TryNow to our website years ago. The integration process is seamless, the platform is extensive, and their team is amazing! They'll walk you through every step of the process. 10/10"

- Jackson Wirht, CEO of Elwood

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